Tami Lund

Posted by on Feb 14, 2015

Tami Lund

“Julie has edited three books for me: two through my publisher and one self-published book I have available as a free read on my website. The purpose of this free read is to lure unsuspecting readers into the worlds I’ve weaved with my words—aka I hope they read the freebie and fall in love with my writing style. When I decided to try this marketing ploy—er, plan—I knew I couldn’t scribble a few words and slap them up in cyberspace with little more than a proofread via Microsoft Word’s spellcheck. This book, free or no, had to be professional quality. Which meant it needed a professional edit.

Hence Julie. True confession: I did not even consider anyone else (so thank God she was within my budget!). I’ve worked with several different editors, and while I am confident in the caliber of books I’ve put out, it’s about the editor’s style and the relationship you develop with them as a result. So Julie it was, and Julie it will be the next time I decide to self-publish. Because I want it to be as close to perfect as possible. And I want to enjoy the editing process.”

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