Julie LeMense

Posted by on May 8, 2015

Julie LeMense

“As a writer, I make stuff up all the time. I get to create characters from whole cloth and drop them into a world of my imagining. The challenge, however, is to give those characters something to say, something to feel so that they resonate with readers. And this is where Julie Sturgeon really shines as an editor. Sometimes, I think she understands the people in my head even better than I do. She has a unique ability to strip away the superfluous, to keep the story moving, to keep characters authentic and human. And she does it gently, in a thoughtful, encouraging way.

“In my first book, Once Upon A Wager, she said that 15,000 words needed to be cut to tighten the story. The novel I’d nursed like a baby, that I’d thought perfect in every way, except that it wasn’t. And do you know what? After wallowing in self pity for 24 hours, I got started on those cuts and realized that Julie was right. With her careful suggestions (whether as small as the right word choice or as sweeping as rethinking an entire scene), she helped me to craft a much better book. And after working with her on my second book, Once Upon A Scandal, I’ve realized something else. Julie has taught me how to be a better and more confident writer.
“She has mad editorial skills.  She is relentlessly attentive to detail, and she has an infectious enthusiasm for the craft of writing. Trust her with your novel babies. They’ll be in wonderful hands.”

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