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Development/Content editing: Want to know if your story is hanging together, with the characters’ motivations falling into place? Are your hero/heroine maturing to overcome internal struggles, or did they fall in love too soon? Are they victims of the narrator puppet putting ideas in their heads? Does each chapter build a story arc and provide the right pacing for good storytelling? I’ll go over all this, as well as plot and ways to strengthen the romance and conflicts. (Warning: If it’s not working, I’ll tell you. This is not a reader review and you have my word I’ll also be honest in these assessments. Even strong books can find ways to improve, so that’s what we’ll accomplish.)

Line by line: I’ll make suggestions for repetitious word choices, rearrange sentences for better chronological presentation, correct dangling participles and tighten all the flab out of the sentences. And you’ll walk away wanting to ban the letters t-e-l-l-i-n-g from the alphabet.

Proofreading: Sometimes you just need someone to double check what spellcheckers won’t: missing words, wrong homophone (led or lead), possessives (its and it’s, anyone?), and inappropriate word choice (lucky v. luckily). I’ll also guide you through the confusing maze of commas, quotation marks, and that dreaded semi-colon. Available as part of the premium package only.

Can’t decide? Ask for a Premium package quote that combines all three. The right choice for  authors who prefer more of a consultant, coach, and cheerleader rolled into one, for the most cost-effective price.

Added Value

  • One complimentary read-through on all newly written sections after a critique or line-by-line edit. A complete read-through of the entire manuscript is half price of the original.
  • Each manuscript returned in a formatted style template at no additional charge.
  • I will hit the agreed deadline or you receive a 10% discount on your invoice.
  • Members of Mount Everbest receive 2013 pricing quotes on editorial services, as well as opportunities to earn deeply discounted and complimentary editing passes.

Contact Me

If you’re ready to move forward with your manuscript, email me or hit me up at Twitter or Facebook. If you’re serious about making your work the best it can be, let’s talk.

Julie Sturgeon
Romance development editor
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Please note that I am not a good match for hardcore erotica stories or relationships with an imbalance of power such as the 50 Shades of Grey franchise.

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