AKA development, where I point out in detail where (with suggestions on how) to strengthen characterization, plot, romance elements, and other story aspects. .008 per word

Want to know if your story is hanging together, with the characters’ motivations falling into place? Are your hero/heroine maturing to overcome internal struggles or did they fall in love too soon? Are they victims of the narrator puppet putting ideas in their heads? Does each chapter build a story arc and provide the right pacing for good storytelling? I’ll go over all this as well as plot, ways to strengthen the romance and conflicts.

(Warning: If it’s not working, I’ll tell you. This is not a reader review and you have my word I’ll also be honest in these assessments. Even strong books can find ways to improve, so that’s what we’ll accomplish.) Designed for authors who found themselves stuck in the creative process, or want to make sure they are building the right foundation for a series. .008 per word

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