Jami Wagner

Just One Kiss

Self-publishing has taught me many things, and finding the right editor is one of the most important pieces to this job. Julie met and exceeded any expectations I could have had for an editor. She didn’t skip any part of her job, and her hard effort took away a lot of stress for me.

She made suggestions to help make my story stronger and she helped me to overcome areas where I struggled. She also noted area where I did well. Everyone wants to be reminded they are doing something right, and Julie let me know.

Working with someone who wants you to succeed and wants to help you put your best work out there is someone you want to keep around. Julie is that person.

My experience with Julie has been amazing and I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future.

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Tami Lund

Naked Truth

“I have worked with several editors in my quest to become a published author, and I can say with absolute certainty that Julie Sturgeon is my favorite. She’s my favorite because she’s tough – yet when she likes certain aspects of your book, or really, your book in general, she tells you that, too. It’s the perfect combination, because she has helped me take my writing to the next level (possible a couple levels), without beating my ego to a pulp in the process.

Here’s the thing: sometimes, we (authors) can feel as though the editor is taking our book away from us. They want us to cut scenes we think we can’t live without, change personalities of characters we love, and sometimes even adjust plotlines, and in this process, we worry that our book will no longer be our own. Until we read the final proof, and realize, Ohmigod, it’s so much better than it was before Julie got ahold of it!”

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Ashlinn Craven

Core Attraction

“Julie’s been down quite a few story avenues with me—most recently down into the core of a nuclear reactor—and every time, she makes the trip more compelling, sharpening this image, tightening that paragraph arc, whipping that character into doing what he’s supposed to be doing—all in the service of the reader experience. Julie will never muffle the author’s voice. With her wealth of knowledge and keen instincts informing her every decision, she’s never afraid to give it straight, but always politely, and in a manner that encourages discussion. Julie is quite simply a joy to work with … every author’s dream.”

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Pema Donyo

Revolutionary Hearts

“I’ve worked with other editors in the past, and Julie’s definitely the best. She will do everything from correct glaring technical errors to altering a small turn of phrase. My work improved so much under her keen editorial eye. I’ve picked up on editing tips from her and now use them in my new drafts. She won’t just edit your manuscript – she’ll improve your writing flow and leave you with lasting editorial advice for your future works. If you want an editor that will shape up your manuscript to the best it can be, then you want Julie.”

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Sandy Vaile

Inheriting Fear

“Now that I’ve found my perfect match in an editor, I’ll be sticking with her!

I found Julie to be insightful and able to make my manuscript something I’m proud of. She’s isn’t afraid to state exactly what needs to be done, but always in a sympathetic manner and with plenty of explanation about why.
It seems that Julie has bifocal glasses that allow her to see both from a publishing aspect and the reader’s perspective at the same time.

She was happy to discuss differing opinions, and never failed to reach a mutually agreeable solution. Her flexibility to work with different editing criteria, e.g. house styles, author specifications, or differing regional language needs, made her services value adding.”

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Melinda Dozier

New York Minute

“I had the pleasure of working with Julie on two separate projects through Crimson Romance, and I would not hesitate to work with her again. With Julie’s help, I have, without a doubt, grown as a writer. Julie has a keen awareness of what’s right and wrong in a manuscript and guides the author in the right direction, without taking over. She never suggests a change without an explanation, and I valued the choice, because I’ve worked with other editors who didn’t explain and didn’t give the option.

Though I had to make some major changes in one of my books, Julie was there to guide me and cheer me on. She was always available to answer questions and talk me through some of the hurdles. She is very personable and easy to get along with—including a few laughs which I appreciated, because let’s face it, revising our “baby” can be hard work. I would definitely work with Julie again as she’s experienced, professional, and really cares about polishing the manuscript to make it the best it can be.”

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Tami Lund

Undercover Heat

“Julie has edited three books for me: two through my publisher and one self-published book I have available as a free read on my website. The purpose of this free read is to lure unsuspecting readers into the worlds I’ve weaved with my words—aka I hope they read the freebie and fall in love with my writing style. When I decided to try this marketing ploy—er, plan—I knew I couldn’t scribble a few words and slap them up in cyberspace with little more than a proofread via Microsoft Word’s spellcheck. This book, free or no, had to be professional quality. Which meant it needed a professional edit.

Hence Julie. True confession: I did not even consider anyone else (so thank God she was within my budget!). I’ve worked with several different editors, and while I am confident in the caliber of books I’ve put out, it’s about the editor’s style and the relationship you develop with them as a result. So Julie it was, and Julie it will be the next time I decide to self-publish. Because I want it to be as close to perfect as possible. And I want to enjoy the editing process.”

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Ashlinn Craven

High Octane: Unleashed

“Julie has a professionalism and a warmth of personality that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere in the industry. Working with her, the developmental editing process becomes a stage to look forward to, a smart, exacting, fearless and two-sided conversation about the most precious thing in the author’s world: The Story. Her accurate inner compass directs the focus of the story along the course it was always meant to have; characters shape up, plot twists get tighter, prose gets an added sheen. Nothing fazes her, and after working with her on three books, I’ve come to rely on her remarkable talents. Priceless!”

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Alexia Adams

An Inconvenient Love

“Julie has edited three of my books, and I look forward to working with her on future projects. She is professional, friendly, and can read between the lines of what I’ve written to the characters’ real story. Her edits and comments are always delivered with a sense of humor and style that allows me as a writer to see the wisdom and potential in her suggestions. I highly recommend Julie as an editor. She’s one of the best I’ve worked with in this business.”

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J.M. Stewart

Her Soldier's Touch

“I had the pleasure of working with Julie on two different projects, and I’d work with her again in a heartbeat. She’s patient and professional, but she’s thorough. She won’t pull any punches. If she thinks something isn’t working, she’ll tell you, but always from the standpoint of making your manuscript the best it can be. She was also right there with me through the whole process. This honestly is what I loved the most about working with her. My last book needed a bit of revising, and you know, I must have sent her a million questions. She answered every one with patience and professionalism, even offering to read excerpts or brainstorming when I needed it. It made the whole process less stressful for me. She helped me take my books from something decent to something that shined. I adored working with her.”

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Mary Billiter

A Man for All Seasons

“As a newspaper columnist, I have worked with myriad editors throughout my 28-year journalism career. What was new to me was working with an editor whose experience and keen eye brought added value to my work. Julie raised the level of editing through her innate ability to visualize my story, maintain my voice, and deepen the relationship a reader has with an author by challenging me to move outside my comfort zone. By working with Julie, my level of writing increased tenfold. I’m a good storyteller; Julie made me a strong author.”

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Katie Kenyhercz

Full Strength

“I was so lucky to have Julie’s help with my second book, Full Strength. Even as the author with a few editing degrees myself, I couldn’t always navigate plot holes or catch every last typo. Julie was a supportive pro who helped me bring my novel to its full potential, and I hope she’ll be my editor for every book here on out. Her input is invaluable, and she’s such a pleasure to work with!”

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Rachel Cross

High Octane: Fueled

“Julie wants my work to be the very best it can be. She is committed and focused and unafraid of the truth. When she notices a plot hole or something that requires a big fix, she lets me know in a way that isn’t ego-bruising. I don’t always agree with her suggestions, but I know she is trying to elicit my best work in a kind and professional manner.”

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Susanne Matthews

On His Watch

“Julie displayed a high level of professionalism in helping me turn good manuscripts into great ones. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a thorough, competent editor.

“Julie understands today’s current romance market. She has her pulse on the wants and needs of the contemporary reader and knows what they will accept in a hero, heroine, and plot line. She understands the need for proper pacing and blending the various elements together into a clear, concise, cohesive story. She checks the facts and situations given to ensure the incidents in the story are not only believable but accurate. If necessary, she’ll ruthlessly cut what needs to be changed to make the manuscript vital and appealing, but she doesn’t leave the writer hanging. She provides solid ideas to bring out the best in the manuscript and help the writer meet the stated goals for the book.”

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AKA copyediting, or polishing the manuscript for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. .0045 per word

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AKA development, where I point out in detail where (with suggestions on how) to strengthen characterization, plot, romance elements, and other story aspects. .008 per word

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Line by line

AKA going over the copy with a fine-tooth comb to encompass development issues, copyediting points, and more. .010 per word

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“Julie understands my voice

And she doesn’t try to alter it. She will point out where my love of fragments doesn’t work. She shows me where I’m being repetitive. She fixes my echoes and the hundreds of other little errors to improve my novels. And she knows more than I ever will about the ‘rules’.”

“Julie ‘gets’ me and my characters.

And she understands the story I am trying to tell. Sometimes she sees the big picture and the tiny nuances more clearly than I do since I’m enmeshed in it.”

“Julie wants my work to be the very best it can be.

She is committed and focused and unafraid of the truth. When she notices a plot hole or something that requires a big fix, she lets me know in a way that isn’t ego-bruising. I don’t always agree with her suggestions, but I know she is trying to elicit my best work in a kind and professional manner.”

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