Aimee O’Brian

Julie Sturgeon edited my debut novel for Tule Publishing Group. I had no idea what to expect from the process, but Julie was encouraging the whole way.  Best of all, she was quick to respond to my questions.  Her comments made me delve deeper into my characters’ motivations. She made suggestions on how to improve the story but left decisions up to me. Her approach kept me confident we would complete all of the edits on time. I’m already applying what I learned as I write my next book. It was a great experience, and I’d be delighted to work with her on future...

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Micah Persell

There’s no one’s professional opinion I trust more than Julie Sturgeon. We’ve worked on several books together, and she always manages to pair storytelling intuition with hard-earned, extensive knowledge. She brings out the parts of a manuscript that already work, making the strong stronger, but she is amazing at finding weak points as well—and not just: this is weak, fix it. She offers at least one, usually more, suggestions that take a project in the right direction, which eliminates a lot of the guesswork that can overwhelm. I look forward to working with Julie on future...

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Elizabeth Meyette

Having the right editor can make or break a book … and an author. When I struggled with plot development in my WIP, I contacted Julie Sturgeon. Though I had never worked directly with her, several author friends had enthusiastically recommended her. Julie was able to cut through the excess in my story, creating a tighter, stronger plot. Her suggestions for strengthening POV were spot on. I was amazed at how my novel came together with her edits and suggestions. I never felt like I comprised my story because Julie was so respectful of me as a writer. I look forward to working with her...

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RONE Award winner

WINNER: Cops, Jocks and Cowboys category, InDTale’s RONE Awards Tami Lund’s “Undercover Heat,” edited by Julie...

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R.C. Matthews

What I really valued while working with Julie was her willingness to talk through my reactions to her suggestions, and my vision for addressing the necessary changes BEFORE I wrote them. This avoided unnecessary back and forth / rewrites. In the end, I rewrote more than a handful of chapters in my manuscript to address her feedback, but the book still felt like it was mine … just a much better version than I started with!

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Nicole Flockton

“Julie is a whizz with her red pen. I know when I get my manuscript back, I’ll stress out for a bit but know that once I go through all of Julie’s edits and suggestions, my manuscript is going to be so much better for it.  Julie is a great editor and I love working with her.”

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Jillian David

“”I give Julie Sturgeon my highest recommendation. Her skills and suggestions have shaped and improved the series, as well as strengthened my writing style. The attention to detail is astounding, and she apparently does not sleep, ever, based on the responsiveness to my questions at all hours of the day or night. If you want professional, personable editing with someone who will advance your writing skills and make your manuscript shine, then look no further than Julie.” “

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Jami Wagner

Just One Kiss

Self-publishing has taught me many things, and finding the right editor is one of the most important pieces to this job. Julie met and exceeded any expectations I could have had for an editor. She didn’t skip any part of her job, and her hard effort took away a lot of stress for me. My experience has been amazing and I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future …” [click “Read More”]

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Julie LeMense

“…She has mad editorial skills. She is relentlessly attentive to detail, and she has an infectious enthusiasm for the craft of writing. Trust her with your novel babies. They’ll be in wonderful hands.”

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Tami Lund

Naked Truth

“…sometimes, we (authors) can feel as though the editor is taking our book away from us. They want us to cut scenes we think we can’t live without, change personalities of characters we love, and sometimes even adjust plotlines, and in this process, we worry that our book will no longer be our own. Until we read the final proof, and realize, Ohmigod, it’s so much better than it was before Julie got ahold of it!” … [click “Read More”]

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Sandy Vaile

Inheriting Fear

“Now that I’ve found my perfect match in an editor, I’ll be sticking with her!

I found Julie to be insightful and able to make my manuscript something I’m proud of. She’s isn’t afraid to state exactly what needs to be done, but always in a sympathetic manner and with plenty of explanation about why. It seems that Julie has bifocal glasses that allow her to see both from a publishing aspect and the reader’s perspective at the same time….” [click “Read More”]

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Alexia Adams

An Inconvenient Love

“Julie has edited three of my books, and I look forward to working with her on future projects. She is professional, friendly, and can read between the lines of what I’ve written to the characters’ real story. Her edits and comments are always delivered with a sense of humor and style that allows me as a writer to see the wisdom and potential in her suggestions. I highly recommend Julie as an editor. She’s one of the best I’ve worked with in this business.”

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J.M. Stewart

Her Soldier's Touch

“She was right there with me through the whole process. This honestly is what I loved the most about working with her. My last book needed a bit of revising, and you know, I must have sent her a million questions. She answered every one with patience and professionalism, even offering to read excerpts or brainstorming when I needed it. It made the whole process less stressful for me. She helped me take my books from something decent to something that shined. I adored working with her.” [click “Read More”]

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Katie Kenyhercz

Full Strength

“I was so lucky to have Julie’s help with my second book, Full Strength. Even as the author with a few editing degrees myself, I couldn’t always navigate plot holes or catch every last typo. Julie was a supportive pro who helped me bring my novel to its full potential, and I hope she’ll be my editor for every book here on out. Her input is invaluable, and she’s such a pleasure to work with!”

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Dana Volney

Paradise Point

“Julie Sturgeon is an absolutely spectacular editor. Her editing style strengthens my voice, while allowing dialog and content to remain true to who I am. Julie has a keen eye for detail and her masterful technique is easy to understand, which is especially important when it comes to such a daunting task of helping hone a writer’s craft. I never feel silly for asking a question or for “talking out” a suggestion with her. I value her expertise, frankness, and, on a personal note, I enjoy her epic night-owlness. Julie is my favorite to work with and I am so grateful to have her awesomeness as a resource.”

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Rue Allyn

The Wildfire Love Series

“Julie’s editorial input on my western historical romances was priceless. If your goal is providing your readers with the best possible book, Julie’s very discerning eye is essential. She is a pleasure to work with and the most perceptive editor I know.”

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Nancy C. Weeks

In the Shadow of Pride

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with editor Julie on my first novel. When the next book in the series was finished, I couldn’t wait for Julie to get her hands on it. I knew that her suggestions would take my manuscript to a whole new level.”

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Editorial Services

Here’s what you can expect when you hire Julie to edit your book.

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Julie has edited more than 200 published books in her career.

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Tough Talk

Get advice on making your manuscript the best it can be.

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“Julie understands my voice

And she doesn’t try to alter it. She will point out where my love of fragments doesn’t work. She shows me where I’m being repetitive. She fixes my echoes and the hundreds of other little errors to improve my novels. And she knows more than I ever will about the ‘rules’.”

“Julie ‘gets’ me and my characters.

And she understands the story I am trying to tell. Sometimes she sees the big picture and the tiny nuances more clearly than I do since I’m enmeshed in it.”

“Julie wants my work to be the very best it can be.

She is committed and focused and unafraid of the truth. When she notices a plot hole or something that requires a big fix, she lets me know in a way that isn’t ego-bruising. I don’t always agree with her suggestions, but I know she is trying to elicit my best work in a kind and professional manner.”

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